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 Chat's help and rules

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Chat's help and rules Empty
PostSubject: Chat's help and rules   Chat's help and rules EmptyFri Jul 08, 2011 3:19 am

Hi all, what's up?!!

As a new service from our forum to the visitors and guests, we introduce the famous xat online chat in our forum's home page to interact and chat with each other. For the members and visitors who don't know much about xat's chat, we have provided this topic to make everybody fully understand everything about the chat and it's rules.



1.How do I change my Name, Picture and Home Page?
- Click Your Name at the top of the visitor list on the right.

2.How do I send a message in the chat?
- To send a message type it into the message entry box at the bottom of the chat box. The message will be sent to the other people in the chat room when you press the return key.

3.What is the Visitor List?
- The visitor list is a list of people that are currently chatting in the main room.

4.What are Smilies?
- Smilies are pictures that can be added to messages. You can add smiles but either clicking the mouse on one of the default smiles above the message entry box or by using the code for the smilie. E.g. : - ) is the code for the standard yellow smilie.

5.What do the colors on the visitors and friends lists mean?
- Green is guest, red is offline, gold/orange is main owner/normal owner, silver/white is moderator, blue is member, grey is ignored and brown is banned.

6.How do I have a private conservation with somebody?
- Click on the name of the person (who you want to talk to him/her privately) and click on "Private Chat", a private room is then provided for both of you to chat without any distribution of anybody else.

7.How do I add someone to my Friends List?
- Click on the name of the person (who you want to add) and click "Add as Friend".

8.Have you been Kicked?
If you have been kicked out of a chat box then you will need to Sign In again if you wish to continue chatting. There will be an information message that is sent to everyone in the room they says who was kicked, who did the kicking and the reason for the kick. You will also be "Gagged" (Unable to chat) for 15 seconds after being kicked.

9.Have you been Banned?
If you have been banned from a chat box then you will have received a banned information message and your icon in the user list will be brown and the name will have been changed to "Banned". You will still be able to see the messages being sent but the other people in the room will not receive any message you try to send. The ban may be for a limited duration and if so you could return later. The ban may have been a warning and they may un-ban you sooner if you remain online for a while. If you believe you have been unfairly banned you should click "Report Unfair ban" on the large window that appears upon being banned. This will send a message to the owner saying that you've been banned, why you think it's unfair (If you included text), and your email (If you included it). If the ban happened while you were online it will send a transcript of what was recently said on the main chat prior to you being banned and give the chats creator an option to de-mod the person who banned you. People who have added you as a friend can see your Private chat.



1.You must change your name.
2.No swearing.
3.No asking for a rank (moderator/owner).
4.Talk English ONLY.
5.Don't publish any other server's ip or name.
6.Respect other players.

Please obey our rules and you will have fun. For further information/assistance, please contact forum's admins and moderators.



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Chat's help and rules
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