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 IRC Channel through mIRC

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IRC Channel through mIRC Empty
PostSubject: IRC Channel through mIRC   IRC Channel through mIRC EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 5:20 pm

This is for mIRC users

Im sure while playing you saw some nabs "talking" into the server without being ingame.
Asking how? well,they do it with the program "Mirc"(mibbit,is the same thing,only for epic people)

So how to get it? <--

After installing it,just open it.

Click continue,then you will get a window,click on "x",just ignore it.

Then @ the chatbox write: /nick <your name>

You can now register your name using /ns register and login with /ns identify

Then to enter to our irc channel type: /server and then join #StuntRigz

Then just type !say <text> or !s <text> to talk into the server.
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IRC Channel through mIRC
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