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 Suggestions for the forum and the server

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PostSubject: Suggestions for the forum and the server   Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:05 pm

Hi all, what's up?!!

Firstly, It seems to be a problem in the welcoming in both the forum and the server. As I saw here, I didn't receive any "Welcome to our forum" message or any other auto-message that comes from the Forum's Admin; so please check this problem. Secondly, I think there must be another forums in the forum's main page just like other forums. Thirdly, the forum should be enabling a chat box to let the online members chat without posting and replying just like what happened here.

Now about the server, there should be, if possible, an auto log in that appear instead of writing /login as most of the player don't do it because they are expecting that auto log in. On the other hand, the server is absolutely perfect from each and every angle in it.


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Suggestions for the forum and the server
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