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 AhmedBarca is here

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PostSubject: AhmedBarca is here   Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:06 pm

Hi all, what's up?!!

My name is Ahmed. I am a 15 years old teenager. I come from Egypt and live currently in Saudi Arabia. I study in The British International School of Tabuk. I love playing GTA especially San Andreas and have been playing sa-mp since 2007. I am the best shooter in GTA (I have been the leader of the sniper force [SF] clan in more than 18 servers ) and the best driver as well. I have seen a lot of servers but I like your server as I found more fun there. My name in any server is [STC] or AhmedBarca(I use that quite often). After joining your server I scored about 130 and killed a lot of people. Unfortunately I couldn't find any house to buy but it is ok. I have met a lot of nice players and hackers, as well as Fappe(I am starting to like him). Anyway I wish to spend a nice time here and I wish the same for all the visitors and newly comers.

PS: do NOT ask what does [STC] stands for!!!


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AhmedBarca is here
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